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A New Chapter

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I’ve wanted to start this for quite some time and I’m excited that my amazing fiance purchased this great blog domain for me as a surprise christmas gift. One of my favorite things to do is read all the great blogs out there, and I have been so inspired by the recipes, the writing, the inspiration and the amazing personality that comes through in some of my favorite blogger’s posts. I’m looking forward to using this space to document my life for family and friends and share some of the amazing recipes that I have with all of you. It will also be a great place to keep track of my health and fitness goals, prepare for my upcoming wedding, and share stories and photos of some of my favorite hobbies and memories.

For now, I’ll leave you with a picture of my fiance and I on our favorite vacation ever, The Grand Canyon. We love to travel and can’t wait to plan our honeymoon!

Come back again soon.


Seth and I at the Grand Canyon

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  1. Really cool blog and the recipes sound interesting.


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