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A Grown Up Christmas Break

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I always thought it was so unfair that Christmas break had to stop when school stopped. My fiance’s company closes for the week between Christmas and New Years, and I really feel like all companies should consider doing this. It really helps refresh the employees and allows us to come back ready to work hard in the New Year. Right?!

I decided to take my own Christmas break this year, and the time has gone by so quickly. It was a great week filled with family, friends, food, shopping, gift exchanging, and wearing sweats. I never seem to get in all the relaxing time I have planned for vacation weeks though. I only made it to page 75 in my book that I had planned to finish by the end of the week. One thing Seth and I spent alot of time doing–wedding planning activities.

I bought my dress (!), we picked out our wedding bands, and we found several candelabras to use as our centerpieces at the wedding.

The candelabras we found at Home Goods, and we went to a few other stores in the area looking for additional ones. We didn’t find anymore; we did, however, find a great ottoman for our living room! It was much needed to brighten up the couches.

I picked up several baskets to help organize our closets. Space is at a premium around here!!

We also found a new set of silverware 🙂

Now we are just relaxing and enjoying this last night of “Christmas break”. Hope you all are as well!


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