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Well, today started out a little rocky. My phone died on Tuesday night which prevented my alarm from going off Wednesday AM and forced me to miss the gym. I was determined to get it right last night, so I double checked and triple checked that my phone was on, charged, and the alarm was set. I woke up at 4:30AM and checked again; still on and fine. Next thing I know, Seth is waking me up and it’s 5:17AM. What happened to my 5:10AM alarm??!

Well, turns out the 6AM alarm was set, not the 5:10AM one. FAIL.

Some of you may think “hey, it’s only 7 minutes later” but our morning is SCHEDULED down to the minute so that we can get the maximum amount of sleep and still be at work on time. And Seth usually likes to lay in bed for about 5 minutes and contemplate how horrible waking up at 5:10AM is before he even makes a move. So the day started off on a hurried foot–I’ll be sure that doesn’t happen tomorrow 🙂

Today marks officially 9 months until our wedding, which is very exciting! Probably the strangest thing though is that that means we have been engaged for four months, and I’m not really sure where that four months went. I keep telling myself to enjoy this time, but it seems to be moving entirely too quickly!

Since weddings are on the brain for me today, I wanted to share with you a few ideas and inspirations I have collected from Pintrest. For those of you who aren’t friendly with Pintrest yet, it’s an unimaginably huge collection of photos from across the internet categorized by subject (food, wedding, fashion, etc) and located on one website where you can very easily waste hours upon hours scrolling through them. It’s a really great source of ideas though, and I can’t really imagine wedding planning without it.

So to start, I think this picture evokes exactly the type of ambience I want; romantic, inviting, breathtaking.

I love the effects of candlelight.

I think the details of this cake are beautiful, I definitely want our wedding cake to have some sort of texture like that.

Our colors are purple and grey, and I love the shade of these flowers and the contrast between the white and purple.

And one final picture I found that I’ll leave you with. I thought it was cute 🙂

Have a great night, tomorrow is Friday!!

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