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I hope everyone had a good weekend, ours was busy and went by quickly, as always! Saturday was spent at the hospital visiting Seth’s dad, who is doing great! The day ended with dinner at Whole Foods, which is one of my top five favorite places to wander aimlessly/eat. They have the best, most fresh food, ever. Period.

For example, fresh pasta bar anyone?

And this superfoods salad was ah-may-zing.

But the highlight of the meal was definitely this chocolate hazelnut sticky bun that we shared for dessert. It tasted like a warm chocolate chip cookie combined with a sticky bun. Seriously delicious.

Today we spent some time at another of my top five favorite places: Barnes and Noble. I seriously would love to just move in to this place. Seth did some “homework”…this is a rare photo of him reading, one that you will likely never see again here on this blog.

And I did some serious honeymoon research. It’s time to start planning!!

Now we are relaxing and watching some football, and I’m telepathically telling Seth to please take care of this:


Enjoy the remainder of your weekend everyone, see you tomorrow with a recipe using one of the greatest food items ever invented: Biscoff.

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  1. I THINK we might have kind of similar outlooks on food! :). And husbands/ fiancees who are similarly thrilled about being featured on blogs..


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